Terms and Conditions

All products' purchases, all custom works, all transactions with Salman Software Consultancy are governed by following terms and conditions unless otherwise stated.  


  • You cannot resell, redistribute or reproduce software developed at any condition.
  • You cannot reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile, decode or decrypt the encrypted files.
  • You cannot attempt to reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile, decode or decrypt the encrypted files.
  • Product comes with the source code of all visual pages and common includes (methods) used in the software.
  • You can only modify source code provided with the script for your OWN needs. You cannot resale or redistribute source code or use any of its part in any other program.
  • Data entry is not the responsibility of Salman Software Consultancy nor data-entry services comes with the script. It is the responsibility of the buyer to enter data into the scripts purchased.
  • We reserve the right to display our name at the very bottom of every page in the ADMINISTRATION PANEL with link back to our website.
  • You can do changes to the script which do not violate conditions mentioned in this TOS.
  • Salman Software Consultancy reserve the right to change its term and conditions as well as license agreement without prior notice.


  • Software is sold on "AS-IS" basis. Any customization (changes) that you want SALMAN SOFTWARE CONSULTANCY to do will be charged extra.

License Keys

  • Script comes with license keys for a single domain name. With these keys you can install multiple copies of the script under that domain name (like www.domain.com, rus.domain.com, fra.domain.com, esp.domain.com and so on).
    If you wish to install script on another domain name, you will have to purchase extra license keys at extremely discounted price.
  • At the time you place an order, you will be provided script with the license keys for the domain name which you request. These license keys are valid for 3 months. During this time, if you decide to change your domain name, you can change it for free. After 3 months from the order date, we will issue new license files for the same domain name with unlimited validity at no extra charge. After unlimited validity license keys are issued, you cannot change your domain name for free.
    3 months is ample time to decide your domain name. If you still wish to change domain name after 3 months you can always purchase license keys for another domain at discounted price.

License Agreement

Return Policy

  • All ready-made products come with 15 days money back guarantee. We will not entertain any refunds after 15 days from date of initial purchase. You must have geniune reason for requesting refunds (like failure in the script). If you just want to test the script that you can even do before making a purchase as we offer free trial.
  • Software is sold on "AS-IS" basis. Please check all the features that the software has and also check out the live demo on our server before placing an order. We can not refund you because of features missing that you hoped were there, but are not there. Spend sometime on the demo site. Feel free to ask questions using contact-us form.
  • We guarantee effective removal of bugs found in software (if any found) for FREE during the free support period. In order for us to fix bug identified, you have to notify us of the bug.

Shipping Policy

  • Softwares will be delivered via email to you. Alternatively you can be asked to download softwares from website (depending upon software size in bytes). Softwares will not be shipped in the form of DVD.
  • There are no shipping charges included.
  • Softwares will be delivered within 1 business days.

Contact for futher details